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    adt in batch script

    martin_janik Level 1

      Hi, recently I was forced to use adt command line, as we need to sign our installer with a migrate certificate. The problem is we use native installer option, so the workflow goes like this.


      1. I make a release build of .air file from FlashBuilder, sign it with new cert

      2. call adt from command line with -migrate option, which creates the migrated .air file

      3. call adt from command line with -package -target native options, which creates an .exe (.dmg) file out of the migrated .air file


      As the command line calls take a load of arguments, I wanted to create a batch script, that would do both. The problem is the batch script always exits after the first adt call (which is successfull), so this leaves me with having two separate bat files that I need to run one after another manually.


      Other commands that i put before the first adt call works just fine, so I assume it is the adt that exits the batch somehow. Is there a way to force the adt not to exit, so that the batch script can run on....