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    VIDEO: full size VS not full size and MSOs

    jbalmain Level 1


      I got  different MSOs in different layers
      I want a video to appear (420*780) not on full screen, in the center of the ipad screen.
      This video is located on the bottom layer of all my layers.
      THe only way to see it seems to be : launch it full screen.
      If "sull screen" is not ticked in the overlay creator panel, it does not appear


      I tried then to put the video layer all above, and then creat two sttates (fist state : 0%) and second state 100%
      It works fine BUT, as the video layer is all above, the MSOs under it (360 sequence for instance) don't work then


      Is there wa way to have my video working the way i want ot is it just impossible in this configuration ?


      thanx !