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    SendtoNearest(), a question about the nearest?


      Hi everyone,


      1) when i use the function of NetGroup.sendToNearest() to send a msg from peerA to peerB amang all the peers of the group, so with the contol of your Cirrus server, does that mean the distanse between peerA and peerB is geographycally Nearest or just has the lowest latency compared with the other peers? or my question is, does your Cirrus server choose the neighbors for a certain peer with some parameters like Geo-ip or lowest latency when it constructs the topology of a netgroup?


      This function could be very helpful for improuve the QoS of the net group.



      2) another small question, is your cirrus2 tech is a full-distributed P2P? that means the Cirrus server is just  for helping to establish the connections between the peers or all of the peers have to connect to the cirrus server all the time? Because this thing is very important for the case like the fall down of the physcial server when we buy your commercial version and use it in our environment.



      Thanks for your help.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          sendToNearest sends the message one hop to the immediate neighbor with a group address that is numerically nearest to the target group address. it has nothing to do with physical or network proximity.


          the Cirrus servers don't control the group topology. all the members of the group organize themselves into the topology. the server only helps new members join the group (when you select serverChannelEnabled=true) with an initial bootstrap connection to a few other members of the group.


          P2P on the Flash platform requires a connetion to a server for P2P introduction and NAT/firewall traversal. the server translates peer IDs to ip addresses/UDP port numbers. any P2P connections made on a NetConnection will be lost if that NetConnection's server goes down.

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