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    Premiere CS5 consuming all memory and freezing up


      I spent a couple of days farming around 2000 images into a Premiere project on  a Mac Pro, Premiere CS 5.0.0 and when I opened it this morning I could see from Activity Monitor that it very quickly consumed 12gb of memory, leaving a figure between 17-24Mb handling the system, therefore freezing the entire system and unable to do anything other than watch the beachball or Force Quit Premiere. I'd only pulled a handful of images into the timeline, so it wasn't a heavy project. Just linked to a lot of hi-res files. But why would they eat up all the RAM when I wasn't accessing or using them, they were just sat there in the project window. I have plenty disk space for scratch and running Mac OS 10.7.1.


      I've had to just bail on Premiere and take it over to Final Cut, but still curious to know why this happened and if I might be able to return the project to Premiere at some stage? I've since ran the 5.0.4 update in the background and it still eats up the memory and still freezes up, even crashing the first time I opened it after update.


      Any ideas?