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    Passes or Identification Tags

    ksemple Level 1

          Dear forum users,


      Am looking for a template to create identification tags or passes for a concert.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          You are more likely to find a template for apps like inDesign, Publisher, or even MS Word.




          Do you need unique numbers on every ticket? if yes, better to go to your local print/copy shop, and add the price of printing to the price of entry.  Another problem with home printing is they are way too easy to duplicate and forge.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Depends on what concert and how you wanna distribute them, I guess. If this is a real big gig and you wanna avoid counterfeiting, indeed getting in touch with some company who has experience in security printing is advisable. If it's just for a local band, then whatever design you will come up with will be good enough, but as Trevor already suggested, you should look into other tools for printing serial numbers and personalized info on the passes.



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              PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, if it is for a small gig, you can use variables to put name, photo and serial number automagically in Photoshop, using a spreadsheet: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/software-cinema-for-photographers/working-with-variables/

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                It sounds to me that you could create a single image collage template and batch it using either my Photo Collage Toolkit or Photoshop data driven graphics,   Photoshops Data driven graphics uses a template where you associate layers with Photoshop.  A second CVS file is used to populate the template. The CVS file first row/line/record Identify the columns to varable names and the remaing rows/lines/records contains varables data for populating the template.  Using my collage toolkit you create a PSD template file that has an Alpha Channels to map where images are to be located.  Images can hav ther filenamse stamped on them in one of nine locations.  If the template has but one image you can use the batch simgle image collage script.  The Script has options to stamp file name on the Document or onto the image in ome of 9 locations.  A Layer style cam also be added to the text and to the image layers with my collage scripts.


                In either case a template is nothing more then a model PSD file that conforms to some rules.


                To get som ideas for your ID Tag look here http://www.easyidcard.com/templates1.asp#


                Photo Collage Toolkit.

                Photoshop scripting is powerful and I believe this package demonstrates this.

                The package includes four simple rules to follow when making Photo Collage Template PSD files so they will be compatible with my Photoshop scripts.

                There are ten scripts in this package they provide the following functions:

                1. TestCollageTemplate.jsx - Used to test a Photo Collage Template while you are making it with Photoshop.
                2. CollageTemplateBuilder.jsx - Can build Templates compatible with this toolkit's scripts.
                3. LayerToAlphaChan.jsx - Used to convert a Prototype Image Layer stack into a template document.
                4. InteractivePopulateCollage.jsx - Used to interactively populate Any Photo Collage template. Offers most user control inserting pictures and text.
                5. ReplaceCollageImage.jsx - use to replace a populated collage image Smart Object layer with an other image correctly resized and positioned.
                6. ChangeTextSize.jsx - This script can be used to change Image stamps text size when the size used by the populating did not work well.
                7. PopulateCollageTemplate.jsx - Used to Automatically populate a Photo Collage template and leave the populated copy open in Photoshop.
                8. BatchOneImageCollage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Collage templates that only have one image inserted. The Collage or Image may be stamped with text.
                9. BatchMultiImageCollage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Any Photo Collage template with images in a source image folder. Easier to use than the interactive script. Saved collages can be tweaked.
                10. PasteImageRoll.jsx - Paste Images into a document to be print on roll paper.


                Documentation and Examples