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    I can't see my Nook when I log into Adobe.  Can someone help me?

    Kris Monroe

      I've registered my Nook and I'm able to download books without a problem.  But when I log into Adobe to manage my library within my Nook I can't see my Nook.  Can someone please help me?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I am a bit confused when you talk about managing your library within your

          Nook.  What I think you started out talking about was trying to see the

          Nook on the Library View bookshelf when ADE is open, so let me deal with

          that first.  It's usually just a matter of sequencing.


          You should attach your Nook to your computer first, and wait for the

          computer to assign it a drive letter.  When that's done, then you can bring

          up ADE which should see the Nook automagically.


          When you're done, you want to close ADE first and wait until the Nook tells

          you it's finished processing its new content.  Then, you need to eject the

          Nook from your computer, so your operating system detaches it logically.

          In Windows, you can do that from the START taskbar: the extreme right hand

          corner and the icon that looks like a small calculator.


          Hope this helps!