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    Signature Stamp Wizard?

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      I have a client with several sales people, a few of whom have recently upgraded to Acrobat X Standard from Adobe Reader X.  In Reader, they had created a signature stamp by stepping through a wizard of some sort that imported a scanned image of their signature and then dropped out the white background, thus creating a nice signature that they could apply to their documents by clicking on Place Signature (under the Sign panel) and then clicking where the signature should appear.  It would then apply a transparent-background signature to the document over a signature line or wherever. 


      After installing the full version of Acrobat X Standard, we can't find that wizard.  We do see the  options for creating a digital ID, the ink signature option (which won't work since they don't have tablets), and a custom stamp tool, but none of those tools do what the Adobe Reader feature did.  They aren't looking for a certified digital ID or anything like that; they just want that transparent stamp that was created from a scanned image of their signature.  They don't have other apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) with which to manually create a transparent image file for their signature either. 


      We did try creating a digital ID, and customizing the appearance of the signature to include an image, but the result did not have a transparent background and covered other elements in the document.


      Does anyone know a quick and easy way for them and the rest of the sales team to get back their signature functionality?  While they thought they were upgrading, they found that they actually lost a very simple feature that they used frequently.


      Thank you,


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          Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Aaron,


          I believe that you're referring to the Reader integration with Echosign. It looked something like this in the right-hand panel:echosign.jpg


          Unfortunately the current version of Acrobat (10.1.2) doesn't have this same level of integration yet. I'll see if I can track down a timeframe of when this will be part of Acrobat X.

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            Hi Lori,


            Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about.  I had not noticed that feature was provided by a 3rd-party integration.  I do hope it eventually makes it into Acrobat X, but you've answered my question for now.





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