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    Premiere Elements 9 - Strange behaviour when copying clips?




      I'm getting some odd behavior with Elements 9 while copying clips. I have a feeling I'm missing something obvious, but I don't know what it is.


      There is a specific clip, which has been tailored to a certain length at a certain point in the video, that I need to copy elsewhere in the project. However, when I perform a copy and paste operation on it, the clip appears bu has a small red and white box in the top left corner of its timeline representation. Inside this is written "-15:2". When I play the clip, it is the same length but has reverted to the start of the video it was taken from. The red and white box disappears once I click the clip.None of my other clips do this when copied, and my project relies on accurate timing of clips to sync with some music. I'm going to have to use this particular clip several more times in the project, and I don't want to hand-tailor its starting point each time. What am I doing wrong here?