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    Android AIR App Random Error #2032: Stream Error (HTTPStatusEvent = 0)

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      I am investigating an issue with failed requests and it's been difficult to narrow it down. When I put the URL into a browser I get a valid / expected response. However when I try to access the same URL using Actionscript 3 on my Android Devices (Nexus S and Xoom), I get stream error #2032 at random.


      I am using URLRequest with a custom RequestListener class:


      var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();                 

      if(action == "zip") loader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.BINARY;


      var listener:RequestListener = new RequestListener(action, loader, endFunction, extra);

      loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, listener.requestSuccessful);

      loader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, listener.requestFailed);

      loader.addEventListener(HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS, onHTTPStatusChange);


      var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(Global.apiURL);

      req.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;

      req.data = new URLVariables(paramString);



      return loader;


      Note that it works on one of my routers but not the access point:


      onHTTPStatusChange: 0

      requestFailed: [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: { ... }" errorID=2032]


      Since it works on one router but not the other, I can't say that it's an issue with the app, phone, or our request URL.


      Note that I am using SSL / https.


      Is it a timeout issue?? This is really frustrating.