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    Keeping 5.1 audio from PPro CS5 to AE CS5 via dynamic link?




      I have a project edited in PPro CS5 with 5.1 audio which is showing and working correctly.


      However when I use dynamic link to open up PPro sequence in AE CS5 to do my online editing it seems to be importing it as 2 CH Stereo. So when I use Adobe Media Encoder CS5 to render out final online/edited video from AE i can only get it to wok with audio settings set to Stereo.


      If I try to select 5.1, this is the error I get...


      - Source File: K:\Video Projects\Laurel Creek\Laurel Creek.aep

      - Output File: K:\Video Projects\Laurel Creek\Laurel Creek_FinalConcept5_h.mp4

      - Preset Used: Custom

      - Video: NTSC, 1920x1080, 59.94 fps, Progressive

      - Audio: AAC, 384 kbps, 48 kHz, 5.1 Channels

      - Bitrate: CBR, 26.00 Mbps

      - Encoding Time: 00:00:00

      27/03/2012 2:34:32 PM : Encoding Failed


      The source and output audio channels are not compatible or a conversion does not exist.



      Any ideas how to get AE to see the source 5.1 audio which is originally in PPro sequence so Media Encoder will render out a 5.1 file?


      If I change my above custom preset to 2 CH Stereo, the render works, no errors, and video/audio plays fine (which makes sense as AE file is 2 Ch Stereo). But I am looking to keep the source 5.1 audio that my camera records in.