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    Help. Why has the end content of my Indesign file disappeared?


      Hi. I'm using Indesign 5.5 on a Windows 7 PC.


      I'm currently making an epub in Indesign. It is a long flowing document on a single page. I'm separating chapters with Style headings.  I've been slowly going through it and adding the image files. I've reached page 66 and the end of my document is missing. I've gone back through earlier versions and in each have seen that there is a little bit more of my text. Very puzzled I tried to copy the missing text onto the end of my current document and it doesn't appear. I'm now wondering if there is a 66 page size limit?


      If there is what can I do to complete my epub. Start a new file for the second half of my book and somehow merge them? 


      Any help appreciated as this unforseen problem is like a kick in the guts.