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    Using builder to profile a simple .fla file

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      This is gonna sound very noob, and well i suppose i am.


      Ive written an app totally inside flash cs5.5. so its a .fla

      I did not use any classes, its just a whopping lot of AS in the main timeline frame 1 and 2.

      Ok that was stupid i hear you say.. i say; yes i agree.


      I was hoping to be able to use the flash builder profiler to tune it up.

      I could rewrite the whole thing but please dont make me do that.

      Also, im not OOP enough yet. Or mainly actually.


      Anyhoe.. How do i use flash to create a project from my 'simple' .fla file,

      enabling me to run it and profile it using the flash builder?


      I have tried to give the .fla a classname. after this flash builder has a project with a new package and class with that name.

      this just calls Super() on the instatiation. (included below).

      Also I get 3 errors saying the URLloader type was not a compile time constant.


      Basicly i dont know where to start.


      Any help will be greatly appreaciated and direly needed.. and help!






      ----- flash builder main class



      import flash.display.MovieClip;


      public class castawayMAIN extends MovieClip


        public function castawayMAIN()