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    Recording Size vs Viewing Size

      I don't understand the difference between the various recording sizes and how they relate to the viewing sizes.

      I made a Captivate file using a preset size. When I view the file on my work pc, everything looks fine. But when I view it on my home pc, the text in the text captions do not fit.

      Can someone tell me what are good sizes to choose? And what are the differences between full screen, flash player, and browser options for recording?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Larry

          The big question I see here is to ask: How exactly are you viewing the output?

          When you publish to .SWF format, there is an option to create a HTML page. This HTML page that is created should reserve room in the browser to allow viewing at the recorded size. So if you recorded at 640 x 480, it will play back at that exact size.

          Now if you DE-select the HTML option, no associated HTML page is created. In this case, you would be linking directly to the .SWF and playing it inside the browser. If this were the case, the .SWF would occupy whatever size the browser is set to. In this case, things may look a bit less than optimal. The degree to which the quality suffers is directly related to how much the movie is being stretched or shrunk.

          My guess, however, is that the issue may not be either of those. I say this because you said "the text in the text captions do not fit".

          Sometimes we see issues erupt when the DPI setting is larger than 96 DPI. So this would be worth checking.

          1. Right-click the Windows Desktop and choose Properties.
          2. Click the Settings tab
          3. Click the Advanced button
          4. Ensure the General tab has focus
          5. You should see a drop-down labeled DPI setting - Ensure this lists 96 DPI.

          Cheers... Rick
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            LNardolillo Level 1
            Rick -

            Thank you for helping me this weekend. The dpi answer was right on target!!

            About a year ago, I bumped up the dpi to 120 because I couldn't see the small fonts. I changed it back to 96 following your direction. The Captivate movie (and the continue button) work great. Also, I was viewing it in Preview mode.

            Thanks, again. This MyForum thing is GREAT!!!