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    Does anyone else have these 'niggles'?

    Kit Greer

      aka pain in the (insert frustrations here).


      I'm trying to work out if it's just this mac I'm working on, or actual bugs/annoyances of InDesign CS5 (version I'm using is 5.5)..


      1) InDesign has issues of not getting the attention - I click off to the desktop/another app and ID just pops back to the forefront - several times in quick succession. It's like a kid with ADD! Seriously annoying. Even using Safari to type this, it's come to the front 7 times now. GO AWAY!!!!


      2) Dragging images from the finder to ID, then having to select the finder again, then to select ID again to activate ID so I can keep working and place the image


      3) ID doesn't quit when I tell it to (but it loves to 'unexpectedly quit' which I'm guessing is this mac more than ID)


      4) Shortcut keys randomly stop working - it's fav being cmd-~ to flick between windows


      5) Selecting more than one item - sometimes it'll start deselecting other items as you go around the page picking things up. Why?! And to select one thing on top of another.. why can't I do that any more like in previous versions?


      I think there's a couple more, but these are the repeat offenders. If it's this mac, then my fist is about to go thru it. If it's ID and others are having these issues too, then how the heck is it still industry standard?? What happened to the good ol' days when ID was seriously awesome?


      I'm guessing a few of these topics may have been posted before, but I don't have the time at the moment to search, and I wondered if this combo was just the whole app in general.. Please Adobe, you used to be awesome! Stop overreaching and go back to what it was good at doing - DTP!