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    ACR 6.7RC & Canon 5D MKIII Raw file issues.


      Greetings all,


      I have been experiencing issues with ACR 6.7RC when downloading images from a CF card via a CF card reader (firewire). I have tried the following methods:


      1. Download and convert to DNG (ACR freezes after approx. 164 images have been processed)
      2. Download with no conversion; CR2 files (ACR freezes after approx. 120 images have been copied)
      3. Leveraged the standalone Adobe DNG converter and I see the same behavior as in point one.


      To rule out my MAC and CFreader I copied the CR2 files directly from the CF card via finder to another directory on the HDD and the process was very fast and completed without any errors.


      To test further I have broken down the qty of images to convert to DNG; this seems to work when I convert up to 100 images at a time BUT the occasional DNG file can not be viewed as it appears corrupt; the original CR2 file is fine.


      Interested to see if anyone else has any similar issues....