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    How does the automatic update feature work in Flash Player?

    Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee

      Starting with Flash Player 11.2 on Windows and 11.3 on OS X, Flash Player now includes a background service that, without any user interaction, will allow Flash Player to silently update itself when a zero day vulnerability or bug fix update becomes available.  To enable this feature, simply select "Install updates automatically when possible (recommended)" during your Flash Player installation or in the Advanced tab of the Flash Player control panel.




      Once selected, the service will check Adobe's servers for updates once every 24 hours.  Normal Flash Player installations require an administrator account. However, automatic updates are performed even if the user is logged in with a standard account. 


      Please note that major Flash Player releases will prompt the user with an update dialog, allowing them to read the key features new to the release.  The user can choose to update immediately or the automatic update will silently install the update 30 days after release.