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    Random or Bulk Transitions?


      How would I apply random, or bulk transitions to an entire DVD project?  The default transition only gives me one.  I would like to apply many transitions at once.  Is there a way to accomplish this?

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          nealeh Level 5

          Not random, but for bulk transitions.


          I don't think this is what you want, but it's the nearest thing to it I can think of.


          1. Add Transition_1 between Clip_1 and Clip_2
          2. Add Transition_2 between Clip_2 and Clip_3
          3. Add Transition_3 between Clip_3 and Clip_4
          4. Select Clip_1 to Clip_4
          5. Copy with [Ctrl]+[C]
          6. Edit> Select All
          7. Paste with [Ctrl]+[V]


          You will now have those three transitions repeated through the project in that order.





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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            In versions 9 and 10, you can also select an entire sequence, right-click and select Apply Default Transition. (You can also set any transition to be the Default Transition by right-clicking on it in the Transitions panel.)