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    Does ZoomSearch work with RoboHelp using all "accessible" settings?


      Mr. Grainge, have been taking a look at your expertise in other discussions and would greatly appreciate your input regarding:


      • Am using RoboHelp 8.0.2 to develop an Online Help system.
      • All "accessible" options for Section 508 and W3C compliance are set when system is generated.
      • When I generate the system, the Search tab on the navigation panel shows lots of "partial" words or parsed characters and seems to also include partial URL links and even the names of image files (or parts of the file names) in the search results.


      Unfortunately, I have to use all the accessibility options provided by RoboHelp. It really makes the output ugly and not very appealing, but gotta.


      Am attaching an image of the Search panel and what a mess it is with partial name, image file names included, and partial words being identified a "full" words. I could not get this function to work.... I tried repeatedly to get an image to upload in various graphic formats, but it would NEVER UPLOADED.


      Appreciate any help you can provide.... I would certainly use ZoomSearch to provide a much more enhanced Search capability.... My only concern is that incorporating the output from ZoomSearch might not be "accessible" compliant.