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    CQ5: User Accounts & Persistent Managers: LARGE NUMBERS (50M)



      I am designing a user registration application. I need to architect this so that it could store support upto 50 million (i.e. 50,000,000) user records or registrations.


      I read some documentation that JackRabbit (the underlying CRX repository) does not appear to support flat content hierarchies i.e. you'll start seeing problems when you put more 10k child nodes under a single parent. Is this true?


      I can see in CQ5, that there is a ‘home’ folder that contains a ‘user’ folder. Here there are folders in alphabetical order ‘a’, ’b’,‘c’….’z’. These folders store the user email id’s based on the first alphabet of the email. So there seems to be an attempt to possibly create a deeper hierarchy. However, even with this approach, we are looking at about (averages) 2M child nodes - is this supportable?


      Is the default TarPM (Tar Persistence Manager) the best options for such large amounts of data? Or should we be considering RDBMS based persistence managers?


      Any inputs / thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.