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    Amazon AppStore - Pending because of IAP

    MichaelChaize Adobe Employee

      Hi guys,


      I'm using the last version of the builder (v1.9).


      I've create an APK for Amazon using the Viewer Builder, and the "Amazon Appstore" template.


      I've created an Amazon Developer account, created a new app, uploaded the apk.


      Amazon just reviewed the app. The magazine if 'pending' because of this:


      "We have received your application that uses our In-App Purchasing API; however we are unable to commence testing until your IAP items have been submitted through your Developer Portal account. Please complete the submission of your IAP items at your earliest convenience or remove the Amazon IAP permission from your manifest.


      Please correct the issue(s) we found with your app submission."


      My magazine is a free multi-folio application. But I guess that IAP are mandatory on the Amazon app store.


      Few questions:


      1) Can I upload a classic "Android Market" apk on the Amazon appstore?

      2) My magazine is free. IAP are mandatory ?

      3) Is there any official process to get IAP with Amazon? I can't find anything on the web.

      4) I saw that "DPS tips" is on the Kindle Fire. Can you share how it has been processed?