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    How to know if table was broken onto several pages




      I have a problem with xdp form. I have two pages on the template, lets say details page and a summary page. There is a table on details page which can be broken onto several pages. This table has a footer with some totals. In case of data/table fits on one page (table os not broken), i have to display the footer with totals and hide the summary page. And if table is broken onto several pages i have to hide the footer on details page and display the summary page. The biggest issue here is that one of the cells is dynamic and it depends on data that comes from application. This cell contains name, last name, address line1, address line2, address line3, city, state, zip lines. I cannot know how much data user has entered into these fields, thus cannot make this cell to be fixed height.


      My question is: is there any way to solve this using some javascripting in xdp form or use conditional breaks feature that LC designer has ( have no idea how that one is used:( ). Thanks for all suggestions is advance