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    Auto text resize in fixed field

    sdanckaarts Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have roamed these forums for some time now but I can't find the answer to my question, hopefully someone can help me !


      In LiveCycle Designer, I'm preparing a static form. I opened a PDF which functions as a background image and now I want to add  text fields. So far so good .


      Now, when I save the file, it allows people to edit. Great ! However... In some cases the text typed in the form is bigger than the field assigned for it. I know there is a setting that allows the text to resize depending on what the user has typed. ( so, it always stays inside the boundry box of the text field ). I'm working in LiveCycle Designer, obviously on PC. I already checked the object field options ( figuring that the "limit lengt to visible area setting would do the trick ) but I can't find the solution here.


      If someone has any pointers for me where or how I can do this, I would be very thankful !