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    Flash Builder 4 LDAP issue on IIS 7 with Coldfusion 8


      I have a cfc that returns empty strings back into my project when I attempt an auto login through LDAP. The same files perform correctly on a different server with IIS 6. I set up a simple cfm  on the IIS 7 server and received the appropriate data. I set up a cfm on the IIS 7 server  to invoke the very same cfc that fails in the flash builder and received the appropriate data. Both servers are inside the company firewall.


      The web folder is set up as an application with windows authentication enabled, disabling and enabling the anonymous authentication seems to have no impact on any of the scenarios. I am assuming I am missing some configuration in the ColdFusion Flex integration but I am not sure what it is. Anyone have a shot in the dark on this one?


      SSL connections are not being used.