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    How to cure "overset text" ?


      I've read a lot about the subject of overset text, but do not understand it at all.


      Is there a maximum amount of information that can be placed in a single ID document? I cannot add one word to my text without it going into the overset mode.


      Now then, I tried deleting all pages to the end of the document, then re-flowing.


      The way I understood re-flowing is that the frame would simply be expanded.


      What appears to be happening is that a new frame is created that overlaps the first frame a bit on the end.


      Do I have to create a frame for each page? That does not seem intuitive, especially when a long chapter.


      I've read Adobe's help on frames over and over again, but just do not get it. Is there some way to enlarge the original frame so that everything flows together or is there a memory restriction and creating multiple frames is a work around?