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    Serbian cyrillic




      I am making a project consisting of a collection of CDs for Serbia.


      All the texts shown in the movie are in Serbian cyrillic and the movie contains certain fields which the user must input.


      I have a couple of Projectors, one for Windows and one for Mac, both only jump to the same movie, which has 4 external castlibs.


      The problem is that when the projector is opened in a Serbian Windows machine, the international keyboard changes automatically to English keyboard, so the text inputs are written in English. The only way for fixing it is to change the language from the Windows Control Panel after opening the Projector and then return to the Projector and then the text inputs work OK in Serbian cyrillic.


      Of course this is not what we expect for a kids CD-ROM and I need to know hoy can I avoid this trouble, so that the Projector can be start running directly in Serbian cyrillic.


      I am in Spain and work with Director 11.5 Mac (English) in MacOS 10.7.3 Lion (Spanish).


      Any help ?