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    In InDesign CS5 Vector Drop Shadows Flattening at 150dpi


      If I have an InDesign Vector Element (Box or Type) with a drop shadow effect, that is not interacting with an image, I am getting 150dpi or under image created for the shadow when flattened (I am exporting a PDF1.3 out of InDesign for the flattening). This is not consistent at all, one machine will do it at 300dpi, so there is definitely a setting. We have tried all the usual suspects, Flattening Settings, Spread Overrides, Export Settings, etc, but we cannot find the control. If an image is put in, which interacts with the shadow, the resulting image from flattening will match the image resolution. Has anyone else seen this issue?


      Thank You

      Michael Connelly

      Imtech Graphics

      Director of Premedia