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    Audio playback stops at random

    jthebes Level 1

      Hardware configuration:

      Win 7 Pro 64bit

      I7 2600K

      16Gb RAM

      3 HDDs - os/working files/exports setup

      Gtx 580

      Onboard sound card


      Video files:

      Avchd MTS from Canon hfg10 converted to an MPEG2 bluray m2t file.

      Note - this issue happens with both original and converted files.


      I have no problem with video playback but occasionally the audio will just drop out for some reason. If I pause and play again, it will work fine. There are no issues in the exported files either. Not entirely sure what would cause it.  Obviously it isn't a detrimental problem; its more annoying than anything really.


      My coworkers have the same issue at times. The only applications open are premiere, thunderbird, AME, an excel sheet and VLC playing music off my HdD. Also to note, it will happen with no other applications open


      If I left out anything important let me know.  Just figured mayne someone else ran into this at some point.