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    dragable slider


      Hey there,


      can anyone help me how to create a dragable slider for fireworks?

      Or do you maybe know a good website for ipad interface prototyping

      that explains basic things like sliders, text input e.g.? I am new to

      fireworks and want to learn some basics to create visible prototypes

      for my design studies.


      Thanks for your support!! :-)

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          If you mean creating the graphics for a slider, there are tutorials out there. I wrote one for Community MX, where the grpahics went over to Flash Catalyst for builiding in functionality.




          FW is not capable of creating the functionality of a slider. Look into Flash, jQuery or possibly Adobe Edge for that kind of thing.


          Darrell Heath created a whole kit of sliders using Fireworks. You can find them on his website at heathrowe.com