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    Problem with ACR 7 auto tone?

    RASouthworth Level 3

      Still trying to get a handle on this beast, playing with various controls.  Here's a snapshot with default settings and then after auto is invoked.  Default appears ok, just a small bit of clipping, but unless I'm missing something something is wrong with auto.


      Richard Southworth




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          areohbee Level 6

          'Auto Tone' is simply not good enough to bother using, IMO. (not a big deal for me, since I prefer to "manual" tone anyway, still...).


          PS - I have seen this over-darkening behavior in the past which I believed was due to a single overextended channel, which for reasons I don't understand, was not shown in the Lightroom histogram, but you can see it in the histogram of the Mfr. software.