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    URL creates overset text


      I'm pulling out my hair. I've been using InDesign since before it was InDesign, and I've never seen this problem before.


      I imported a Word 2007 document into InDesign 5.0. The flowed text includes URLs, and that's not a problem...until I get to the one that creates the overset text. With a full-page text frame, I have two lines of text at the top, and I can't even get to the end of the document. The text is overset to infinity.


      I've looked in story editor. I always work with hidden characters turned on. I've stripped out all Word styles. I've copied all the text into Notepad and pasted it back into a new IDD doc. I've made sure that "No Breaks" is turned off. In short, I've done everything I know to do.


      One interesting thing is that if I turn on hyphenation in this paragraph, the rest of the URL appears, but the rest of the overset text (additional paragraphs) does not. I can't have a random hyphen in a URL, though. And where's the rest of the overset text?


      Any ideas what is going on? I'm creating a reference page for a dissertation, by the way, and I've done this same thing many, many times (I'm an editor).


      Save me before I'm completely bald...thanks for any help!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Oversets like this can be caused by several things. Most common is text that is unbreakble and too wide for the column, which can be due to No Break applied to a long string, no hyphenation allowed and a long word (or URL) or the use of non-breaking spaces between words, or left/right paragraph indents that leave inusfficient space (these can be in styles or built into the frame). Also possible is some combiantion of Keep Options that is impossible to honor.


          You can insert a discretionary line break or a zero-width sapce in your URL to make it break at the point of your choice, but ID typically will break a long URL at a slash or dot.

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            Theresa1214 Level 1



            I didn't even think of using a line break because I was so busy trying to figure out what was going on.


            You cured the overset sickness, though. Thank you!