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    Cannot print workbook!

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      I purchased a workbook in pdf. Turned out I needed to download Adobe Digital Editions to read this book. Now I cannot print pages as the print button is greyed out. Seriously!!! It's a "WORKBOOK"!!! I tried looking for help on the ADE's website & found nothing unless it was for a product that was purchased from them.

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          There's a good chance that you're running into a digital rights issue -

          whether you should or not is another question, considering the kind of

          material you're working with.


          Open ADE and in Library view, put your cursor on the small arrow next to

          the name of the ebook.  A drop-down menu will appear.  Select 'Item Info'

          from the list, and another window will open that shows information about

          the ebook.  In the middle of that screen, you'll see the rights assigned to

          the ebook.  If those rights show you can't print it, you'll have to go back

          to the source and discuss this with them.


          Hope this helps!



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            Thank you for your quick response Frustrated.

            I did as you suggested and here is what it says:

            Allow printing: 0 pages with an additional page accrued every 1 day, capped at 7 pages, on any device


            Sounds like I won't be able to print, but why it's capped at 7 pages is beyond me if I cannot print even 1, lol. I tried again and it's still greyed out.


            Found a blog by the author and she said:

            I was unaware of this problem. According to my contract, I can have nothing to do with the formats the publisher chooses for making my book available. I wasn't even aware that it had been digitized until long after the fact.

            I will forward your email to that publisher and ask if there is anything they can do about it, and to let you know. Hopefully the technology will improve.


            I heard from her within an hour, but so far no reply from the publisher. I will post when I hear something.

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              Jim_Lester Level 4

              The permissions say that every day, you will be able to print an additional page - so today you should be able to print one page.   The cap is stating that while this will accrue every day, so after 7 days if you don't print anything you will be able to print up to 7 pages (once), if you wait 8 days, you won't get 8 pages, you'll just have 7.


              ps While the publisher is most likely the one responsible for the permissions on the book - I would suggest complaining to whoever took your money (assuming they did not make clear the restrictions at the time of purchase).

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                Hi Jim,

                I really appreciate your reply. Here is what I did.


                I sent an email to Books on Board and got this reply.

                Thank you for shopping with BooksOnBoard.  I am sorry to hear you're

                encountering this issue.  According to the Permissions set for this

                title, those who purchase it are allowed to print seven pages within

                seven days of the date of purchase.  Since the order date for this book

                was back in 2011, then unfortunately it appears the print time has

                elapsed.  You can find the Permissions for this book at the bottom of

                the page here:


                I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.  Please

                let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to assist.


                It doesn't say anywhere in the description that you can only print 7 pages in the first 7 days of purchasing this book. They also failed to mention this fact when I wrote to them because I couldn't open the book in the first place as it was a weird file extention. They only told me I needed to download Adobe Digital Editions. By the time I took care of all the stuff I needed to do to even look at this book, I'm sure the time had already expired. I just went back to read it this week and find I cannot print.

                Not only that it's a "workbook" and I would need to print many more pages than just the seven. This is a deceitful way to scam an unsuspecting customer and I can tell you I'm not happy. BEWARE of doing buisness with this website.

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                  Jim_Lester Level 4

                  Just out of curiousity - what does ADE say about your permissions today?  Can you print 1 page?

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                    GuideMe Level 1

                    Hi Jim,

                    I just opened ADE to the book in question and the print button is grayed out. I also sent another letter to Books on Board, but I'm sure it will do no good. My workbook is useless to me and evidently has been since the day I purchased it as 7 pages of printing from a workbook would be like recieving only 1/2 of the first chapter of the book. I just counted them and in the first chapter there are 15 pages to be printed. The book has 12 chapters plus 3 appendix's.

                    I got scammed here and I'm not happy. It's not even the $10. that I paid for the book. I would think someone is watching out for the consumer here. If someone wanted to copy a book to sell it, I'm sure they will find a way, let's face it. All I want to do is USE my book the way it was intended by the author.


                    Thanks everyone for your replies!!

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                      I contacted the publisher of the book and his reply is below. So again, no satisfaction!! He actually thinks I'm stupid enough to purchase anything else from him, yeah right!! If I knew I couldn't print from this book I would not have purchased it. I also believe Adobe Digital Editions is contributing to this customer scam by offering this program for publishers to bilk inoccent people of their money. There doesn't seem to be a support button for this type of complaint on the ADE site.


                      Thank you for all your replies to my question.

                      All I can say is be careful what you purchase in PDF format as you may end up being ripped off as well.


                      I’m sorry to hear of this dilemma, but unfortunately with most e-books the printing of the information is not allowed for copyright purposes. The book is offered in a paperback edition, which may prove the better choice for your studies. Sorry for this inconvenience.


                      Sales Department

                      Career Press / New Page Books


                      1. www.careerpress.com / www.newpagebooks.com


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                        Once burned - twice careful.  Thanks for the information.  I'm sure that

                        those of us who read the forum notes will 'take note' of the restrictions.


                        If I can get up on my soapbox for a moment.....   (thanks!)


                        The publishing industry may have done more of a hatchet job than surgery on

                        the patient when they set up their restrictions in the late '90's.  I don't

                        think anyone saw the massive rush to digital publications that took place

                        in the '00's - and the publishers do have a point about copyright

                        infringements. You have a double whammy on your particular situation,

                        because the workbook you have is in PDF format, which is another Adobe

                        product.  It's possible in theory to find it in another format, and that

                        other format may not have such ludicrous restrictions on printing.  After

                        all, why would you buy a workbook that you can't make notes in?  That part

                        bothers me - because the DCMA made allowances for textbooks.  I think that,

                        in this situation, the publisher has applied the wrong guidelines.


                        Remember that Adobe is only ONE of the software houses that implemented

                        the standards the DMCA put in place.  You could try checking out other

                        sites and see if there's a copy available under Bluefire Reader, Overdrive

                        or another system.  You're being "ripped off" as you put it by the

                        implementation of software, not by the software house that wrote it.


                        (soapbox mode off)


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                          GuideMe Level 1

                          Hi Frustrated,

                          Thanks for the info and I will check out Bluefire & Overdrive. I hear what you are saying

                          about the software causing all the confusion. It's too bad the company using it doesn't

                          seem to care that they wrongly used it for this workbook. They suggest that I buy the printed

                          version, but don't offer me the book for free to replace the one I already paid for. I found the

                          book on Amazon and it's $12 +. I don't want to pay again for something I already bought.

                          It's obvious to me that this company thinks I'm trying to get something for free. However, even

                          if I did print the 7 pages (which I didn't), as I said there are way more pages in this 299 page

                          book that need to be printed in order for me to use them.

                          I've dealt with such a company in the past and 2 stores have gone out of business (one being

                          Circuit City) because of their shady dealings. I refused to shop in them and told everyone I know of

                          my bad experience. It's good to know that word of mouth is the best advertisement and really good

                          that I know a lot of people.

                          Thanks again for your soapbox, lol.

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                            GuideMe Level 1

                            Hi Frustrated,

                            Went searching the internet which led me to a solution that works for me. Thanks!!

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                              Brany.88 Level 1

                              I just bought a book and i can't print either, i only purchased it for training purposes at work, and need it in paper format to make notes, paid $ 234.30 for it from www.dymocks.com.au


                              Can you please advise whether you have found another program which allowed you to print or whether you had to re-purchase?


                              I've requested a refund from the company as this book is useless to me now, i really would not want to purchase it again after paying $ 234.30 for it.


                              Thnaks for your help

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                                bertc1557797 Level 1

                                like to know the solution, I started downloading at 2pm and its 12:30am and downloaded it but cant print it,,