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    Multi-Camera edits not applied


      Hi and thanx in advance for your help.

      Premiere Pro CS5. Windows 7 Pro 16 GB RAM lots of disk space.  Premiere It is patched with all patches except the latest Facebook synch patch.  This started a month ago.  It may be related to the number of Timelines in a project.  On my last project I started having this problem after about 10 Timelines were created in the project (a multi-song music video shoot).  In my current project (a 6 hour talking head seminar) I now have about 10 Timelines and it started doing it again so that may be a related issue.


      I am doing a four camera shoot.  I create a base timeline with all four cameras for each speaker.  I then use that speaker's base timeline to create a multi-camera edit timeline that I edit with the Multi-Camera Monitor window editing function.  If I stop to make an immediate correction or to take a break, I restart by clicking the timeline window to make it the active window and opening the Multi-camera Monitor editing window and start editing.  I'll go 10 or 15 minutes and stop only to find none of the edits are applied,  The edits are exactly as they were before I started back up.  Once I get about 10 timelines or so I begin to see this behaviour. This behaviour is inconsistent and there is no way to know if the edits will be applied until I stop.


      I could try breaking up the project but each individual speaker's timeline is pulled from the primary timeline that contains all the speakers.  (I copy the synched multi camera tracks and paste them into a new timeline for each speaker.)


      Does ayone know what causes this?

      Or how to fix it?


      Again Thanx in advance,