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    <mx:HTML and pop-up window

    jacograaff Level 1

      I want to embed a SugarCRM web-app in an Air desktop app


      The problem is that SugarCRM makes extensive use of pop-up windows - (new instances of the window object of the browser and not just DIV- fake windows) - for things like selecting images for upload or linking to items in other modules etc...


      This works in browsers but not in AIR -


      Is this a known limitation of the webkit implementation in AIR ??? - in other words an new air-window is not able to be opened the same way a browser (ie, opera, firefox...) window is opened

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          jacograaff Level 1

          I have not solved this yet - was busy with other stuff - I'll have to try and see if I can hack into the code of SugarCRM and change the behaviour that opens browser window pop-ups to floating panels using ajax....


          I am embedding SugarCRM in a desktop AIR application using mx:HTML.


          SugarCRM makes heavy use of browser-window popups to allow the selection of fields in other modules!




          It seems like the webkit rendering in AIR via the mx:HTML component can't handle browser-window pop-ups - It makes sense since AIR is not a regular web-browser app - so the code will not find a window object to open