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    Can't download anything


      Have been trying for about 3 weeks to download books from either library or from Kobo.  Adobe Digital Editions will open but I don't get any error messages or "downloading content messages" or anything.  Just nothing shows up?  Really frustrating!  Please help

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          Hmmm....  Maybe we should start at the beginning.  So, pardon me if I tell

          you things you already know or have tried.


          The process is pretty strict - if you don't do things in sequence, nothing



          First, when you are going to obtain Digital Editions, you should log onto

          the Adobe website and register with a user ID and password.  This is a

          crucial step, because Adobe will embed that ID and password in the copy of

          Digital Editions you download.


          After logging on and registering, you can download Digital Editions and it

          will install on your computer.


          Once Digital Editions is installed in this way, then you can work with

          ebooks from various sites, like the KOBO bookstore, SONY Reader Store,

          etc.  When you go to those sites, you're going to log on with an ID and

          password: it's a really good idea to use your Adobe ID as the user ID on

          these sites, because they also embed information in the ebook file.


          Generally, you don't need to have Digital Editions up and running when you

          go to a site to download ebooks.  You'll follow the process in logging into

          the site and finding the ebook you want to download.  Digital Editions will

          be opened by the site during the process if it's part of that site's



          When you start the download process, two things can happen.  The site will

          activate Digital Editions itself as part of its process, or the site will

          download the ebook directly to your computer, bypassing Digital Editions.


          In the first case, you'll see a screen come up during the process that asks

          you whether you want to OPEN or SAVE the ebook.  If you want to save the

          ebook in Digital Editions' library, choose SAVE.  If all you want to do is

          read the ebook, choose OPEN.


          In the second case, you'll have to open Digital Editions after you're

          finished downloading and add the ebooks to your Digital Editions' library



          When you have completed downloading your ebooks, you're ready to transfer

          them to your ereader.  That process also needs to be followed or else you

          may not be able to do the transfers correctly.


          First, if Digital Editions is open, close it.  Then turn on and attach your

          ereader to your computer via a USB cord.  Your computer should show you

          that it recognizes your ereader and gives it a drive letter.  When you know

          all is well, then you can open Digital Editions.  The program will scan the

          attached devices and should detect your ereader.  It will show up on the

          left hand panel of Digital Editions' Library view.  You can then drag and

          drop ebooks from the right hand panel to the ereader in the left hand panel.


          When you're done doing transfers, you can disconnect the ereader

          logically.  Don't just pull the cord - that screws up the computer and your

          ereader.  If you're using a Windows PC, you can go to the START bar at the

          bottom of the screen, and there's an icon in the far right hand corner that

          looks like a small calculator.  That icon will let you disconnect the

          ereader logically by drive letter from your computer.  When that's done,

          your ereader should display a message something like: "processing new

          content".  When it's done, your ebooks should be available to you on your



          You've mentioned that you're having trouble with downloading library

          ebooks.  I'd suggest that you review the process the library wants you to

          follow with them.  I can't say what issues you have, but some of the

          library system software has bugs in it.  I'd try another site first.  If

          you're reader comes from KOBO, you could try their site for example.


          Hope this helps!