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    Exporting High Quality Video




      I've made a 20 minute video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 but now have to export it and there are a lot of options. I'm not quite up on video file types and different codecs each file type uses. The original video was done in 1280x720p mp4, 25 frames/s with a bit rate of around 130kbps, data rate 6200kbps and total bitrate of 6500kbps.


      What I want to do is export it with the highest quality, matching the original recorded videos quality, so you can really see the HD video instead of compressing it way down. I figure if a proper DVD is about 8 gig then my 20 minute video in HD should be no more than 2GB right? Well I exported it using Microsoft AVI with no codec and it was 28GB! That's ridiculous.

      I've attached some screen shots of the options I get.

      The first screen shot - Video Format - are all the video formats I can export it as. I know I don't want things like Animated GIF and flash or PNG or TIFF etc. so I can narrow it down a bit. Ones that sound familiar to me are H.264, MPEG4, AVI and Windows Media (wmv).

      But then if you select a video format you then have loads of other settings. Some of them you have a choice of a different codecs, others you just have loads of different options.

      The other screen shots are the options i get when selecting the mentioned video formats.

      I'm lost when it comes to this stuff, any help or clarification would be good. And any suggestions on which video format and settings I should use to get a really nice 720p video would be much appreciated. Thank you, Ryan.


      Video Format.jpg

      Avi Video Codec.jpgMPEG4 Video Settings.JPGH264 Video Settings.JPGWMV Video Codec.jpg