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    How to change parsys label



      I have a problem, that I need to change label "Drag components or assets here" to someone else, when I create parsys component.

      Can you help me?

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          justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

          You can do this through the I18N system. See attachment.

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            MatheusOliveira Level 1



               You can also go to the CRX (DE Lite or DE) application, select your website components (app/mysite/components), select the "parsys" component, select the node and edit the properties in the below table of properties (if the propertie "fieldLabel" doesn't exists already, you can create it by right-clicking the component and selection "New > Propertie") (I believe that the right sintax is "fieldLabel" in the name of the propertie).


               An image to help you find the properties.

               Please tell me if this is not what you're looking for.


            Components Properties.jpg

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              Treglis Level 1

              Sorry, I didn't explain that so well. This solution change label of all parsys. But I need to have more diferrent parsys components on page and everyone have different label.

              I found, that this label is set in EditRollover.js


              var msg = this.emptyText ? this.emptyText : CQ.I18n.getMessage("Drag components or assets here");


              but I don't know, how to set that emptyText from component. I tried to set property cq:emptyText to cq:EditConfig, but it didn't work.




              To MatheusOliveira:

              setting of filedLabel property doesn't work for parsys.

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                Jean-Christophe Kautzmann

                Hi, there is an issue with setting cq:emptyText. You need to:

                - set cq:emptyText for the cq:editConfig node

                - add the following code to parsys/new/new.jsp:


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                  Treglis Level 1

                  Thanks, it works. I tried something like that before, but I had to make some mistakes.

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                    Hi, I'm trying to do what I think is the same thing as Treglis.


                    I have several custom components, which all use the foundation parsys component as below:


                    <cq:include path="attributepar" resourceType="foundation/components/parsys" />


                    I would like to change the default text "Drag components or assets here" to something different, for each custom component that includes the foundation parsys, i.e. on my attribute component - "Add an attribute" or on my value component - "Add a value"


                    Is this possible by including the foundation parsys or do I need to create a custom parsys for each custom component?


                    If it is possible using the foundation parsys, how do I change the text property?


                    I've tried adding "editContext.getEditConfig().setEmpty(true);" underneath "editContext.getEditConfig().setInsertBehavior("before " + prev);" of the foundation parsys/new/new.jsp file, but I'm a bit confused about where to add set the cq:emptyText within the cq:editConfig node - is that in my custom component or elsewhere?