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    Moving External Drive to New Computer - Media Relink


      I frequently need to swap the main project drive between two or more computers. This drive has literally everything needed for the project (media, save files, cache...) When I plug it into another computer and mount it as the same drive letter, premiere still asks to relink all the media. What can I do to avoid this?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I've only ever seen that happen when the drive letter is different.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Are you on Mac, or PC?


            I do not speak Mac, so cannot help with that platform, but on the PC, I do what you are doing, with zero issues. I have a few dozen FW-800 external HDD's, and migrate them between the laptop and the workstation. In the OS of each of my two editing computers, I set a unique drive letter for each external (actually, with the number that I have, I did have to repeat, so cannot have, for instance, both of my Z:\ externals hooked up at the same time, to retain their drive letter). When I plug in Z:\, it is always seen as Z:\, on both computers, because the drive letter assignment is by the HDD's ID. I keep everything, from Copies of my media, to Scratch Disks, in the Project's folder structure. I have never had one issue over several years. The trick is to assign the drive letter to the same, in the OS of each computer. I then mark each external with that drive letter assignment (keeps me from plugging in both of my Z:\ drives at the same time).


            As Jim says, the Relinking only becomes necessary, when the drive letter changes, or I manually change any part of the Path, which is absolute.


            As Windows will assign drive letters based on various criteria, manually setting it, should solve the problem - make sure to do that in the OS of EACH computer.


            Good luck,



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              xion711 Level 1

              Ok, I will have to double check that. I did assign the same drive letter, although I guess that means something went wrong in the process. (theres a chance the drive letter was changed on a computer while working on the project) I will double check the assigned drive letter and stay with it for the project on all computers. I will report back when I have conclusive results. Thanks for the quick resonse!


              we are all on pc btw.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Good luck, and please report.


                Now, by default, if one has not manually set the drive letter in the OS, it will dynamically assign a drive letter, and that should be the next available. For instance, on my workstation, I have drive letters through M:\ assigned. If I plug in an external, that has not been set in the OS, it gets N:\. On my laptop, I have drive letters through F:\ assigned, so if I plug that same external, without its drive letter set in the OS of the laptop, it gets G:\. When set in the OS of each machine, it gets the same drive letter, say Z:\. For my externals, I went in ascending drive letter order, starting at Z:\, and working back, using each letter, until I got N:\ (to accommodate the workstation). When I had to use those letters again (more externals), I again started at Z:\, working back. I just have to look at my labels, to make sure that I do not try to hook up two Z:\ drives, at the same time.