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    problem with getting specified pages for printing


      requested Sir,


      I am sanjeev, presently working with adobe indesign for publishing.

      i am working verious sets of master pages,

      now have a problem go gate specific pages for print in the same software.

      it shows saction name that i could not inditify

      give me the message

      (one or more of th pages specified are not valid page name)

      so how gate the valid name of pages?


      please slove my problem,




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If your document has more than one section (sections are used to restart page numbering and similar tasks) you can identify the pages using either the logical name, which uses the section prefix and the "logical' page number which is the number that appears in the page marker, or you can use the absolute page number, which is the position in the document. You can set your preferences to display section or absolute page numbering in the Pages panel, too.


          Unless you assigne some other prefix, sections are labeled as Section I, Section II and so on, and pages are designated by Section:Page# in the dialogs. If you want to use absolute page numbering in the dialog instead, you can add a + sign in front of the page number in the dialog: +6-+12 will be the sixth though twelf pages in your document, even if they are in different sections and carry the numbers vi - 4, for example.