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    Get wrong bookmark levels when converting Word to PDF using Acrobat 7.0


      I am using MS Word 2003, Windows XP and Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

      When converting a DOC to PDF, all features are perfect except the bookmarks are located at the wrong level, i.e., the first chapter "Introduction" is the first level, which is desired; but the second chapter and the later will be placed as the subitems of the first one. This is a severe problem for me for I need a very accurate convertion.

      P.S.  I set the convertion level of bookmarks correctly before the convertion.

      So I wonder if there is any solution relating to the settings of Word or Acrobat.

      I am using Acrobat 7 because the later versions(8.0 etc.) has the running header problem. If 7.0 is also problematic. I don't know which version can do a perfect conversion.