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    Parameter is incorrect compile problem


      Hi there,


      I am really tearing out my hair on this one.  I have a flex project using Flash Builder 4.5.1 that uses BlazeDS remoting services.


      I run my Flash Builder inside a Oracle VirtualBox VM (Windows XP) since I am an Ubuntu user.  I have been happily compiling and deploying for a couple of months without any hassles.


      Recently I got a new laptop.  I exported my VM, and imported it on the new laptop.  Suddenly my project upon compilation gives me an error: "The parameter is incorrect" location "Unknown".


      If I create a simple project from scratch it compiles fine without any problem.  I can then navigate to my BlazeDS service, add it - but as soon as I make a reference to that service in my component - the component compiles fine but on project level it gives the above error.


      I have been searching everywhere for a more verbose version of the error - but nothing.


      Help please!



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          WillemV_CPT Level 1

          So for those interested, I solved this problem by creating another blank Windows VM, re-installing Flash Builder and importing my project again.


          It seems that Adobe Flash Builder has built in something obscure that does not like you migrating a VM to another host.  I did un-register and re-register my product between the VM's by the way - that also did not work.