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    Palm Support? Touchscreens?


      At the moment I am in the process of designing a new AIR application programmed in Flex which is basically a completely new version of some software I'm trying to support. essentially to bring it into the 21st century since my boss and I have both fallen in love with the idea of the whole web/desktop based AIR application stuff. Before I start researching the subject, I have some preliminary questions regarding support for a few things which were planned to be implemented in the legacy software but weren't quite finished.

      The current software include support for Palm-type devices which allow for the scanning of barcodes as input for certain fields. Is there support for these barcode scanners within Flex or AIR? Is there anything in the works? This isn't just related to Palm, but really some clients use windows mobile devices too. There might be others, but they escape me at the moment.

      Currently, the pro version supports the use of touch-screen type input devices, anything out there which I might need to get to implement such functionality within an AIR app?

      I'll try to post more questions as they come to me, or clear up some questions you people might have regarding mine. Thank you all in advance, your advice will be greatly appreciated.