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    PDF Portfolio only showing the first 32 pdf files in it.




      I have a pdf portfolio document which contains about 150 pdf-files. Opening this portfolio in Adobe Reader X on my iMac shows me perfectly all 150 files, no problems at all.

      After installing Adobe Reader on my new iPad (3rd generation), synchronising the portfolio with iTunes, then for some strange reason, I can only see the 32 first files in that same portfolio.

      I synced the portfolio to my iPhone4 and got the same problem there viewing it with Adobe Reader X (only 32 first files listed).

      Later on today, I installed GoodReader on the iPad : opening the same portfolio gives me a splash-screen, saying that I have to "use Adobe Reader X for best experience"... I think this is

      the build-in first page where some discussion in forums handle about... However after using "Manage Files" in GoodReader and selecting the portfolio, it extracted a folder containing all 150 files... nice job!!

      However, I would like to use Adobe Reader X for this (for multiple reasons...).

      Anybody experiencing same problem ? Some hints ? All ideas appreciated.


      Kind regards