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    Unique Problem with mouse clicks in interactive Pdf's


      I am trying to create what is essentially a powerpoint like slideshow with InDesign CS5.  I need to get bullet points to appear on mouse click one by one and then turn to the next page of the pdf.  I also need this to work in a classroom using a usb remote clicker so the teacher doesn't have to stand at the computer to click a next page button.  This also must be distributed as a pdf and not a swf running in a browser or flash player.  I've tried various solutions and each causes a problem getting everything to work. All solutions seem to either get the bullets to come in one by one or advance the pages correctly, but not both at the same time.  Let me explain further:


      Option 1 seems to be to export directly to interactive pdf from indesign.  This works great for getting a multipage pdf that advances properly from page to page with mouse clicks, however to get bullet points to come in one by one on each page you have to use SWF only animations that don't show up when you export it straight to pdf.


      Option 2 export from indesign to swf, then pull that swf into a pdf file using acrobat.  This works well for getting the bullet points to show up one by one with a mouseclick, but since this comes in as an swf on a single page in the pdf file it will not advance to the next page with a remote click.  You have to use a mouse and click on the page for bullet points, then off the page itselft to get acrobat to advance to the next slide.


      Option 3  Using an indesign script found online I exported each indesign page as a separate swf, then reimported those swf's back into indesign onto separate pages.  I then re-exported as an interactive pdf from indesign.  This gets the animations to show in acrobat, but when you use the remote clicker it only advances to the next pdf page and will not bring the bullets in one by one. 


      Not sure where to go from here.  Any ideas welcome, is there a javascript to do this? Am I missing a function in indesign?


      Please help!!!