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    Few bugs in Photoshop CS6

    barbarbarez Community Member

      System- Mac OS X 10.7.2

      2.7 Ghz Intel Core i5

      4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

      All files I'm working on are located on my desktop (not on a server or external HD)




      1. Auto-Select

      · After working in one layer I use the "Move Tool" with Auto-Select checked.

      In some cases when I use both, the keyboard shorcut "V" or I click on the Move Tool icon I cant select any other layer unless I click on a different layer in the Layers list.

      It does not happen very often but I can say it's once in 3 times.


      2. Fast clicking over the Eye of Layer Visibility

      · When I click fast over the "eye" multiple times in a time range of a second or two, Photoshop gets stuck for a few second and the Mac Processing mouse sign appears.

      This happens after working on a file for 2-3 hours. Not large files (Website templates of 15-20 MB). When this starts happening it stays until I restart the computer. (Closing and reopening Photoshop does not help) 


      3. Slow Swich between aplications (software)

      · Swithcing between Photoshop and in my case Safari and Illustrator CS5 is extremely slow especially if I stay longer in example Safari, then when I click on photoshop icon it takes up to a minute for Ps to respond.