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    Exporting InDesign CS5.5 book to epub


      I have 7 files that I combined into a book and then exported to epub from the book window using a template.css file that I had created before. When I open the epub, some of the files have the correct styles applied and some of the files don't have any styles at all. However, if I export each file to epub individually, all of the styles are correctly applied.


      I synchronized the files to the first one in the book list.


      When I look at the xhtml files created from the book, the tags for the files are as follows:

      The files that work have <p class="Text">

      The files that don't work have <p class="Text-1">    <p class="Text-2">  or  <p class="Text-3"> etc.


      I also tried to export tags and the styles were completely missing.


      Any help to correct this issue would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you