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    Logo Component - Design mode shows the edit component toolbar don't show "Edit" button

    MatheusOliveira Level 1

      I just created a Logo component on my website following the CQ "How to create a Fully Featured Internet Website" guide.

      I do create the logo component, edited the jsp page with the following code


      <%@include file="/libs/foundation/global.jsp"%>
      <%@ page import="com.day.text.Text,
                       com.day.cq.commons.Doctype" %>
      <%  String home = Text.getAbsoluteParent(currentPage.getPath(), 2);
          Resource res = currentStyle.getDefiningResource("fileReference");
          if (res == null) {
              res = currentStyle.getDefiningResource("file");
          log.error("path is:" + currentStyle.getPath());
          <a href="<%= home %>.html"> <%
          if (res == null) {
              %> Home Page <%
          }else {
              Image img = new Image(res);
              img.setItemName(Image.NN_FILE, "file");
              img.setItemName(Image.PN_REFERENCE, "fileReference");
              img.setAlt("Home Page");


      Then, I created the tag "<cg:include>" in my jsp page, calling this jsp.

      After all that, I created the Design Dialog for my logo component, then a "items" node under the tab1 node of the design dialog.

      After this, finnaly, the widget node (absParent), under the items created before.


      A lot of propertys later, I got my Logo object in the page, but the toolbar with the "Edit" button on Design mode don't show me the "Edit button" 


      Design of Logo edit button.jpg


      Someone can tell me how to get the button there?

      Is some property that I may have forgotten?