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    Dual Function Button

    llaferte Level 1

      I have a series of panels that slide into position when selected.  I have a button on each panel with an arrow pointing to the right indicating a transition to the open state.  I have created the interaction that when clicked 'we' move from the "Home" page/state to "Card#1" page/state.  Now I want to spin the button 180 degrees so it is now pointing left (the closed/home page/state) and on click I now want the functionality to reverse and move the card back to the "Home" page/state from "Card#1" page/state.  Because I do not know how to add the dual functionality I need help.  I can conceive of two solutions:


      1 - create a second button that is identical to the first and on the transition replace the first "Open" button with the second which will have the interactions to "Close" the "Card#1" page/state returning to the "Home" page/state.  But this just adds overhead and more graphics to an already graphically intense project.


      2 - figure out how to somehow trigger a change in functionality, based on the current page/state and just use the one button.  Something like...

                If page/state = "Home"

                     Button Interaction = transition to "Card#1" page/state


                     Button Interaction = transition to "Home" page/state


      Can anyone offer some advice on what my best approach might be?