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    Pause/Play Loaded Movie?




      I have a slideshow done in Flash. I have a main movie that has a slide on each frame of the movie, with navigation buttons. On each frame, I have AS2 that loads a different SWF per frame. The AS I'm using is:



                 loadMovie("Data/2.swf", "container");



      The number "2" goes up/down based on the slide. I want a hard-wired number versus the frame number because my client is deleting/adding slides and it's easier to keep track of it hard-wired.


      Right now, each slide I'm loading has its own play/pause toggle button that is this AS2:






      So what I'd like to do is put the play/pause toggle in the main SWF (and put a graphic footer under all the buttons). So how do I tell the play/pause buttons to play/pause the MC that is containing the slide SWFs?


      Thanks for any help!