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    Using WMV in Premiere Pro and dealing with huge idle processes


      Ok, I'm not sure if these two issues are related but here goes.


      I am a training developer, and a lot of what I do is editing screen captures. I have Production Premium that I use to edit my screen captures. The screen captures I get using the free Microsoft Expression Encoder, which encodes into high-quality WMV.


      These videos import fine into Premeire, but my machine slows to a crawl when I try to use them. I am a recent import from FCP, and I know that there, I delt with the same issue until I started converting to ProRes.


      Now, I know Adobe doesn't have a standard format, but is there another format that I could/should use that would help me.


      Perhaps unrelated, but I'm also noticing that, even when I close Premiere, I still have often huge processes running in the background. The premeire pro process sometimes is running at a hundred MB (100,000k) when the program is supposed to be closed (it also runs at a GB of memory when open but idle).


      I have a new and fairly fast machine, and am not sure why I'm having these slowdown issues.


      I'm running:

      • Production Premium CS5.5 on Windows 7 (64 bit)
      • 8GB RAM
      • Intel i7-2600 @ 3.4 GHz
      • AMD RADEON HD 6350


      Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions to any of this, from setup changes to better formats to transcode into, I'm all ears.