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    Newbie question on managing catalog files & external drives


      I'm new to Lightroom and just downloaded a trial version of LR4 earlier this week.  I'm an amatuer photographer (and I really mean amatuer ) ... and serve as a volunteer for a local summer baseball team (college players).  I've taken - on average - 5,000 photos per summer for each of the last 5 years. In addition to posting the photos of each game to my Phanfare.com site (where players and families can download them), I create a keepsake DVD with video clips and a slideshow for the players and coaches at the end of the season.  If I decide to become a LR4 user, I would be organizing those photos from the past...as well as on a game-by-game basis this coming summer and into the future.  In addition to backing up all of my photos to DVD and Phanfare.com, I have a designaed external hard drive for these photos.  On the external drive, I have a different folder for each year and subfolders for each game.  In the past, I've kept the current year photos on my laptop and back them up to the other locations as the season progressess. 


      As I map out my plans, I'm trying to figure out the best way to manage the past years photos, current year photos and the related catalog file(s).  I won't always have the large external hard drive with me....and I don't have enough room on my laptop for all years.  There are times I need to search for photos across multiple years; there are times only in the current year...although I have no problem restricting myself to using the large "master" external hard drive for those multiple year searches.  I do have a portable 160 GB hard drive at my disposal that I can use and take with my laptop at all times if needed.  


      Would appreciate any advice on how best to set up the catalog files so that I can manage current year and past year photos...meet my mobility requirements for the current year...as well as the master external hard drive.


      Thanks in advance for your help.  (Hopefully my explanation and question makes sense)



      (PC / Windows 7)